Todays for the girls like me….

I can’t help but feel like this needs to be said, because I know there are ladies out there like me who have struggled in middle school, highschool and even college and I’m TIRED of seeing beautiful ladies cry, or commit suicide or sink into depression and i want to be at least some influence in your life that tells you the tips and tricks that i have acquired over time.

There are going to be people in the world who are going to be rude, mean and cruel to you, look down upon you, judge you, embarrass you. And these individuals, unfortunately, ARE going to be the most popular, the “prettiest” physically, make more money than you, have more friends than you, skinnier than you, have more opprotunities or talents than you, etc etc. wanna know what you should do?…are you ready?….do nothing….do YOU. go home and cry, cuz it sucks, u gotta get it out….write about it, eat a carton of ice-cream, scream in a pillow, don’t apologize for something ur not sorry for, don’t change anything about you just to “fit in”….just keep just doing you. Because trying to win these fights in public usually back fires on you (even if you did nothing wrong) your out numbered, you’ll loose. this is reality and take it from someone who’s been through it not only once, but multiple times throughout my life. 

BUT!!!  what you can do is keep doing what YOU love to do, what YOU want to do, keep doing YOU and let the drama flow around you but NEVER through you. Drama will fade, but YOU CANT EVER FADE OK!!??

Because there is only 1 YOU and you wouldn’t be you if you tried to “fit in” would you? 


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