Todays for the boys.

…and i mean boys….not men….boys.

Dear (insert male birth name here),

i am writing to you to inform you on a little secret. Not all women are going take your sh**. Some of us women are strong and very focused in life. and i am going to speak for those women.

5 tips to save you in the future:

1. money isn’t going to buy me >you can shower us with whatever you want, but you can’t claim me after. I’m single. and dollar signs don’t change that

2. after 2 am (or midnight for most professionals) isn’t the time to try and “get to know you better.” >i promise you your just embarrassing yourself by begging. go to sleep aand wake up before 2pm like a normal person

3. The ” SMH. i thought you were different” statement never works in ur favor. > it isn’t going to make us retract our statement or action because you thought we were “different”. i dont care if i hurt your feelings by being myself.

4. you wanna impress me? support me >if she busy making money, don’t mess with her money she’s on her grind and quit it with the “you should take off and go to the lake with me.”bc unless this thing u call a lake is a life long bill paying machine, I’m not replying. >if she busy in school and studying, support that. it doesn’t mean that you will never see her. go bring her starbucks. bitches love starbucks >if she wanna be single, donT degrade her just because your giving her attention and she isn’t giving you the same kind back. she isn’t “rude,” she’s single.

5. not all girls want to go home with you. >i speak for myself on this one and I’m sure many women can relate. i am not interested in that kind of relationship right now. so please respect that. no you cannot take me on a date, but we can go to dinner and hangout. no you cannot take care of me, but you can support me. I’m a genuine person, ill be a good friend to you because i like you as a genuine person. but the second i feel disrespected………….



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