Today is for the women

Today is for the women who don’t like what they see in the mirror……

I’m going to tell you a little secret to being fit……you have to like what you see first. disagree if you would like but if you wanna know my ways….thats how i started….

when you constantly hate how something looks, you start going to the gym….do you even like going to the gym? it becomes dreadful, then you see that piece of cake that you love so much, then usually you say fuck it and eat it anyways…then all your hard work is wasted

so lets do things a little differently than just start running 5 miles everyday cuz its boring just saying,

lets not care that we are too skinny, too curvy, lets embrace our body style…cuz the truth is, you women who are busty and curvy, your not going to have a 6 pack and a foot long thigh gap, thats not how you were built. and in order to get slapped in the face with results. you have to do things that make you feel happy. i go for walks, everyday, with my dog around the lake. doesn’t seem like much, but a mile walk every day in the heat??i feel sore the next day for real and i didn’t even know i was giving my body a workout. i take the stairs all the time. i park at the top of my parking garage and take the stairs up and down every day….im winded….lets be real.

eat. Ive been eating a lot lately. but not a lot at one time. i eat tiny baby meals all day cuz I’m 102 pounds and literally have the stomach of a ant. my favorite breakfast is apple and cinnamon oatmeal. i like it because its sweet and its filling. not filling for you?? eat 2!!! 2 min in the microwave and boom, sweet and filling and my morning craving for something is gone.

im a vegetarian. I’ve been for 8 years now. and I’m not saying that thats why. bc i only recently got abs. but I’m just saying it cuts out a lot of things like cheeseburgers and greasy steak.

my last tip of the day…….cut out fried food. but do it little by little, if you want mozz sticks from sonic get em!!! but I’m telling you cutting that out of your day is going to make you feel better and look better.

*** a little  trick is too drink a whole glass of water after you eat 1-2 pieces of ur favorite fried food bc it tricks your body into thinking your full!

ill keep giving y’all pointers bc i can’t sit here and write out everything. its  LIFESTYLE. and it starts with you being happy:)


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