That kenzie girl is just…..

Do you constantly find yourself singled out, mocked, talked about??….. than this post is for you kid.

I am always the topic of conversation….and I’m not saying its always good conversation. And I’m not going to lie, it hurts me. and i sit there and wonder all of the reasons why they don’t like me, what i did wrong, who i ticked off…..ive tried speaking up for myself, and I’ve also tried the just do your job and go about your way method.

….but i can’t do that. thats not me. because if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it to the best of my ability, and i promise you people don’t like that. i want to share with you what some manager told me one day and i will never ever forget this…he said kenzie…..

“…the ones who shine the brightest are the ones who burn out the fastest..”

ohhhhh thanks dr phil.tell me…..on what earth form……does that even make sense on……he was trying to tear my confidence to the ground because he was tired of having to deal with the drama that i caused by just existing. and you know what…..that day he did.

ill tell you what,….im a kenzie… and the day that i realized that no one else is a kenzie but me, i finally knew the reasons why those people in my life acted the way they did to me……they treat us like this because we are things that they will never be. we have traits that they will never have, and instead of embracing another human as being beautiful and different, they make those traits that are different seem like a bad thing.

there are things that i will never be too!!! like liked by everyone lol. but instead hating someone for belittling me, I’m gonna read this post to myself again. because I’m a kenzie. the only one in the world:) and to that manager. you suck at your job bro. but……thank you so much for giving me something to share with my audience u inspiring piece of…….eufhehksdhfukdsjfhk rawr




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