Yummy Fruity Chewy Coconut and Cashew Balls

raw nut and fruit snacks fionastolze

  I’ve been playing again with some simple ideas for tasty raw snacks that you can literally whip up in a few minutes. One of my favourites is to take a few ingredients and blend them, then roll them up … Continue reading

Wholesome Chewy Chocolate Chunks are the Ideal Snack for Inbetween

Raw Chewy Chocolate Chunks

That’s a bit of a fun name, real cha-cha snacks. I was playing around recently with some ingredients as I wanted to make something that had real substance to it – you know, something to get your teeth into. So … Continue reading

Raw Chewy Chocolate Chunks

Raw Chewy Cholate Chunks

At last, here is the recipe for those tasty little snacks I was recently sharing online and tantalising you with.

They have a gorgeous chewy texture while still having a nice crunch and a delicious chocolate coating.

They’re lovely little bite-sized snacks that you can easily pop in a bag and take with you to munch along the way to keep you going for hours and hours.

Taking Things Easy with Raw Food

Nummy fresh salad with sprouts

It’s been just over 5 months since I changed to the raw food lifestyle and I have learned so many things about myself along the way. One of the most important things has been to take things easy. I’ve found … Continue reading

Marzipan Ball Recipe

Raw marzipan balls fionastolze

Here’s a recipe for some tasty little raw marzipan balls which are so ‘more’ once you get started on them. But because all the ingredients are raw, this is highly nutritious and sustainable food which won’t make you put on weight.

Enjoying a Delicious Snack with Raw Chocolate of Course!

The best part - testing - yum!

It’s one of the easiest and quickest snacks to make. I’ve already shared the basic recipe for creating your own raw chocolate on this site. And the fun part is that I decide on the spot each time what I … Continue reading

How to Make Tasty Raw Banana and Sesame Crackers – Video Demo

Raw Banana and Sesame Crackers

These crackers are my all-time favourite snack because they’re so versatile. When you get hungry, you can grab them quickly and combine them with anything else you have on hand. So here’s the video showing me getting them onto the … Continue reading