Tasty Spinach and Mango Green Smoothie Recipe


One thing that’s really important for me these days is creating food and drinks that are not only quick and simple but really tasty. And this raw food recipe I’m about to share certainly fits the bill.

Not only is it a gorgeous shade of lime that you can see from miles away, but it’s so highly nutritious and really is nummy.



Blender, chopping board and sharp knife


amountwhat ingredientauxiliary information

1 handfulcashew nuts
250mlglass of water
2 handfulsspinach leaves
1large banana
1 tspwheatgrass powder


Put the cashews and water into the blender and blitz until the nuts are liquidised.

Add the washed and drained spinach.

Chop up the mango, remove the skin and add to blender.

Peel and add the banana.

Peel the 1/2 grapefruit. Put the first half in the blender. Squeeze some juice from the second half into a small glass and add the wheatgrass. Mix well and add to the blender.

Add the second piece of grapefruit too.

Blend all ingredients for 30 seconds or longer until your drink takes on a gorgeous lime hue.

One more thing ...

Make sure to drink this delicious smoothie straight away. It will be very thick and highly nutritious. When I make this I feel full for a long time.

You can also play with this. Instead of mango you can also use pineapple. That’s a combination I really love. Have fun and enjoy.

I know when I’m eating and drinking this sort of food, I’m loving myself. That’s rawsome!

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4 thoughts on “Tasty Spinach and Mango Green Smoothie Recipe

  1. Hi, Fiona.
    What started you on this raw food path? do you only eat raw food? Can’t imagine only eating raw food because I tend to be anemic & can’t get enough iron (or any other nutrients, for that matter), since my body doesn’t absorb/retain enough of them — due to moderate Crohns Disease — particularly deficient in Vit. D. Any suggestions for juices particularly high in non-lanolin-derived D2 (deathly allergic to D3–usually associated w/fish – which causes anaphylaxis !!).
    Thanks, KarinJoy

    • Hi Karin
      Thanks for stopping by. There’s a story goes with how I went raw and it’s all coming in due course, but in a nutshell I knew it was the next step.

      Yes, I only eat raw food. :-) I too was never able to imagine eating raw food and had great resistance. I was always severely anaemic and was just short of getting blood transfusions at times. I couldn’t absorb enough iron or any other nutrients due to absorbency problems. I used to take supplements until they were coming out of my ears.

      Since I’ve gone raw I am the picture of health and have more energy and vitality than ever in my life. Nothing is missing. My diet is simple.

      I don’t make any dietary suggestions to anyone Karin. I found out that eating was simply a mindset in my universe. Taking that on board turned everything around.

      Eat only what you love and eat only when you truly want to. All my ‘eating disorders’ are a thing of the past. x

    • Hi Jen – I love that you love green. This drink will just fill you up with love. Choose the colours and foods you love and that will invigorate you. :-) x

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