Raw Chewy Chocolate Chunks

A tasty snack for inbetween that's fun to eat
Raw Chewy Cholate Chunks


At last, here is the recipe for those tasty little snacks I was recently sharing online and tantalising you with.

They have a gorgeous chewy texture while still having a nice crunch and a delicious chocolate coating.

They’re lovely little bite-sized snacks that you can easily pop in a bag and take with you to munch along the way to keep you going for hours and hours.


Mixing bowl
20cm x 20cm metal tray


amountwhat ingredientauxiliary information

10large dates
5soft dried apricots
200galmonds or pine nuts depending on personal taste - both are good
Optional - few drops of vanilla essence

Chocolate topping
75graw cacao powder
75graw cacao butter
75gagave nectar
Optional few drops of vanilla essence



Finely chop up your dates and apricots and pop them in the blender. When they have reached a semi-gooey consistency, add one half of the nuts and blend further until you have a mixture you could spread on crackers.

Then add the other half of the nuts and give a quick sharp shot in the blender. This gives the mixture its crunch. You can add a few drops of vanilla essence at this point if you’d like.

Now put the heavy mixture into the tray and use a spatula to smooth it down. If you have to use a bigger tray, don’t worry. This is so solid it’s not going to run anywhere. :-)

Next make the chocolate topping. Warm the cacao butter in a bowl. I like to pour boiling water into a saucepan, then place the butter in a smaller bowl. It will easily melt.

In the meantime weigh out the cacao powder and the add the agave nectar. When the butter has melted, add the powder and nectar and stir with a wooden spoon. It will start to solidify quite quickly to then spoon it out onto the chewy base mixture and spread evenly with spatula.

If you like things really sweet, you might want to use 100g of the agave nectar instead of the 75g. And again, you can add a few drops of vanilla essence to the chocolate mixture. Add it when you put the nectar in.

Okay, so far so good. Next you want to pop this into the fridge so that it can properly set.  For a really crunchy version, put it into the freezer for an hour and then you can really bite into these bars.

When you are ready to eat them, take a sharp knife and cut them into the size you prefer. I like to eat these ‘square’. It means I can keep coming back for more without feeling greedy. :-)

They can be stored in an airtight container for a good couple of weeks in the fridge….but to be honest, they never last that long.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on.

Raw Chewy Cholate Chunks


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