Marzipan Ball Recipe

Raw marzipan balls fionastolze


Here’s a recipe for some tasty little raw marzipan balls which are so ‘more’ once you get started on them. But because all the ingredients are raw, this is highly nutritious and sustainable food which won’t make you put on weight.


1 bowl
wooden spoon
petit fours paper cases


amountwhat ingredientauxiliary information

200graw almonds
100graw cacao powder
1 tbspcoconut oil
1 tspcinnamon or according to taste
1 tbspagave nectar or sweetener of your choice
1 tbspcoconut powder to roll the balls in


Blitz your soaked and rinsed almonds until you get a firm marzipan-like paste. This can take quite a long time so let your processor run for a good ten minutes stopping every now and then to scrape the mixture down from the sides into the centre. Leave in the fridge overnight if you want ( I did to preserve my sanity). Add some coconut oil and the agave nectar (according to taste). Add a good heaped tablespoon of raw cacao powder and mix in lightly using the edge of  a wooden spoon to retain a loose texture. Don’t let the two colours completely blend so that you have a nice marbled effect.

Roll into balls and then roll in a mixture of coconut powder and cinnamon.  You can also take each ball and roll it in some cacao powder in your hands instead. That’s how we got two different colours as you can see in our photos.

One more thing ...

Next step, just start eating. Ours didn’t last very long so I’m not sure how long they would keep in the fridge. You could, of course, freeze them but I think it’s nice to make a portion which can just be eaten fresh.

Play with these amounts and see what tastes better for you. Let me know if you get creative and send me a photo. :-)

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