Raw Chewy Chocolate Chunks

Raw Chewy Cholate Chunks

At last, here is the recipe for those tasty little snacks I was recently sharing online and tantalising you with.

They have a gorgeous chewy texture while still having a nice crunch and a delicious chocolate coating.

They’re lovely little bite-sized snacks that you can easily pop in a bag and take with you to munch along the way to keep you going for hours and hours.

Marzipan Ball Recipe

Raw marzipan balls fionastolze

Here’s a recipe for some tasty little raw marzipan balls which are so ‘more’ once you get started on them. But because all the ingredients are raw, this is highly nutritious and sustainable food which won’t make you put on weight.

Tasty Spinach and Mango Green Smoothie Recipe

One thing that’s really important for me these days is creating food and drinks that are not only quick and simple but really tasty. And this raw food recipe I’m about to share certainly fits the bill.

Not only is it a gorgeous shade of lime that you can see from miles away, but it’s so highly nutritious and really is nummy.