Raw Food Friends Gallery

I just had a wonderful idea while writing my last post. I’m going to create a Raw Food Friends Gallery.

I’d love to invite all of you visiting this site to contact me and share your latest adventures and experiments with raw food. This can be anything from raw chocolate treats to tasty salads or anything at all you have tried out.

The main idea will be that you respond to something I’ve posted. Say, for example, my post on orange and vanilla raw chocolate. You contact me and tell me you’ve tried out plum and cinnamon….mmmm…that sounds rather nummy! Send me a photo and we’re up and running. I can add you to the next post.

If you like this idea, let me know.

I’ll be sure to include all ideas that are in alignment with my site and share your pictures and process. Get in touch and we can give you space.

So looking forward to building this with you. Thanks for joining in.


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