Wholesome Chewy Chocolate Chunks are the Ideal Snack for Inbetween

That’s a bit of a fun name, real cha-cha snacks. I was playing around recently with some ingredients as I wanted to make something that had real substance to it – you know, something to get your teeth into.

Raw Chewy Chocolate Chunks

So I started blending some of the dried fruits that I love to eat and threw in some nuts. They had a lovely taste and very gooey texture but I thought that it would be nice to make them a bit less sticky in my hands and give them a bit more shape.

That’s when I coated them in chocolate.

Well, I must admit that I only make things that appeal to my sense of taste and so the final result was a tasty raw snack that I really loved. And the good news is that I’m now going to share the recipe here with you so that you can put your own together.

Here’s the link to how I made them: Raw Chewy Chocolate Chunks

It might interest you to know that I’ve just had some further inspiration for a variation on these so I’ll be trying it out just as soon as I can so that I can pass that on to you too.

But I really wanted to emphasise what a gift it’s been to me to start taking these snacks with me wherever I go. I always put a few pieces into a bag and carry them with me. And then whether I’m sitting in the car, wandering around outside somewhere or just in the middle of working on something, I have something instant.

The huge benefit is that these snacks are made with good, wholesome ingredients and they really balance out my energy level. There’s no comparison with eating and binging on cheap, commercial snacks that I could buy from the supermarket. I nourish and love my body with these and have energy to keep going and taking life in my stride.

Even for people who don’t want to go raw, and that’s not what I’m advocating by any means, eating these sort of things can make a difference. I’ve not eaten Cadbury’s and co. for such a long time now as I used to get huge energy spikes and then crashes.

Anyway, I have to bring this to a close right now as it’s time to nibble on something. I’ve got some more ideas of things I’m going to try so I’ll keep you in the loop. Thanks for reading – and be sure to check out that recipe above.



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