Positive Polly

i never used to be this positive…..

believe it or not, high school was hard. no one liked me. i had no friends. i was an outcast and a loner. cheer captain but no one listened to me. girls talked about me behind my back, laughed at me….all i was trying to do was fit in.

fast forward to college……same thing. but at least this time i had my best friend with me. i just didn’t understand why i couldn’t fit in. thought about joining a sorority..for 5 mins…..then i decided i would just pass my time working all the time, cheering and studying. that seemed to occupy my time for 3 years.

so how did i become so positive?? because being lonely and hurting for so long ignites a fire under you. and spending so much time with myself i came to find myself. my best friend and my mom were my biggest fans. and because of the way they loved me, through thick and thin, i became to love myself. and would think about all those girls in highschool and in college and why they treated me how they treated me and realized i actually felt bad for them.

you really grow as a person when you block out the rest of the world from hurting you and just do you. because your own mind isn’t tainted with the thoughts of what other ppl think about you. and i had to go through so much loneliness and pain and suffering to do so…..

to be able to forgive those who do not deserve to be forgiven is a giant step toward reaching ultimate happiness.

Love. No matter what. All the time. Everyone. Everywhere. Give love to those who deserve it. Give love to the ones who don’t. Make relationships or simply don’t. Theres no need for enemies. Theres not enough time in life to waste on hating. Love. No matter what


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  1. Mom says:

    Girls aren’t mean to the “nerds” or “under privileged “. They are mean to those who don’t try to impress, or be “like them”. They try to break you because they can’t control you. Your amazing and NO ONE can bring you down. That’s why you are so special and successful!!! Proud of you.

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