Monday Motivation

Im not sure how anyone elses “2017” is playing out so far because i am drowning in the 50ft waves of mine.

So I’m going to get raw here for a minute  and prove to you that you can make it through this week no matter what

event 1:Phone Stolen

this week started off Great because a vacation to Puerto Rico was well on its way. on a last minute trip to the ever dreadful but always eventful Walmart (generalized walmart rant coming soon) i decided to leave my phone in the bathroom. when i realized it was gone i was Thinking i left it in the car not the bathroom and i continued my shopping like normal. Lone behold, my phone was not in the car and it was turned off and the last place i had it was the bathroom and well, it was gone. Pissed and annoyed because my flight leaves in less than 10 hours i went into walmart and as usual no one spoke english or they just didn’t care. I felt that some of the employees were just avoiding me in general and acting a bit weird but i was also ready to search everyone in that place (swear there were maybe 10 people total in that walmart) so everyone was probably avoiding me. Well that night i decided a new phone was the best solution but i decided to pursue this idiot who stole my phone. i came to the conclusion it was a walmart employee due to the fact that there was literally no one in that walmart and the bathrooms had just been cleaned as i was searching for it.

event 2: Iphone 7+ better cure cancer

Did you know an Iphone 7 is around $1200??….me either…..

event 3: leave it to my body to make matters worse

So after a series of unfortunate events i finally get to paradise……anddddd an Ovarian Cyst decided to burst leaving me in 10/10 pain and needing to call an on-call Hotel Resort physician to diagnose and treat me. I spent my first day in puertorico in bed, no sun. It wasn’t untill day 2.5 that i got to enjoy my vacation

event 4: $1200 down the drain

I shattered my new phone on day 4 of vacay. Oh no, and it wasn’t while hiking through mud, climbing rocks, swimming in waterfalls, literally everything and anything that is dangerous to our precious phones, i shattered my phone getting out of the car on the way back into the hotel……..

MORAL OF THE STORY: If its only the monday blues thats kicking your butt, then your already off to a start to a great week ahead of you. Also, get apple care when they ask you dont just brush it off i promise it will be worth it, and also get a case for your phone, or a force field. either one should do some good. 


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