Konfidence is Key

Effects of Self esteem on the opposite sex 101:

When we let external negativity into our positive bubble (refer to last post) it destroys our confidence. and i have figured out a way to not let those factors get to you. YES i am god, i have the tools to make you confident so listen to me and my blog and follow me and i promise i will have you feeling like the best you ever in the months to come.


we love em we hate them we breathe them we never wanna see them again. but men smell confidence and they also have a nose for insecurity. in an insecure woman, men become secure and dominant…..thats a no no in the book of life by kenzie. because when a man becomes dominant over an insecure woman we all know what happens. Nothing good. and unfortunately you men are a big aspect of a womans life especially if she’s in love with you, you become her everything. and when that comes crashing to the ground so does the rest of her life and we are left with an insecure woman who usually ends up in depression, or so broken that she lashes out by hurting others “the way he hurt me”. and a confident women with a insecure man is violent usually. he usually wants to fight everyone. and going to your grandmas funeral makes him wonder “why a funeral lasts so long huh?”

now a confident person is dangerous to you men and woman. because we are bullet proof and you adore that. and you become obsessed with that. because that person isn’t focused on just you like an insecure person would be. and just because we aren’t focused on you doesn’t always mean we are focused on someone else. but even if we were……so. if your confident and single, its a crime around here. well unless I’m in a cop car I’m not breaking the law so breathe your insecure breath on someone elses neck. we are attracted to confidence and confidence attracts others. and how to do that : leave them alone, find a hobby so your not blowing them up, stop stalking there ex  who cares, do not go out of your way for someone you just met, keep doing the things you’ve always done,stay busy and honestly keep hustling and grinding because if that person sticks around through your come up then cool its worth it because dont give ur flower to someone who doesn’t understand responsibility and success. i mean, you can if you want to, but you better go back to hustling and grinding. you will have them falling in love with the real you as long as you are confident. despite the negative comments you may receive (stuck up-so. aggressive-hell ya i am, crazy- I’m passionate so if that makes me crazy k cool.) you need to understand that that negative comment came from a mouth of someone who was thinking about you. so ha. you win. stop stressing. do your thing. love yourself and others will too. and if they dont. who cares.


your welcome.


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