Taking Things Easy with Raw Food

It’s been just over 5 months since I changed to the raw food lifestyle and I have learned so many things about myself along the way.

One of the most important things has been to take things easy.

Nummy fresh salad with sprouts

I’ve found that going raw is not done with forcing my way forward with willpower. I’ve always said that it’s important for me to eat exactly what I fancy at any moment. So I tune in and ask myself if I am really hungry and what I want to eat.

Because loving what you’re eating has a huge effect on how you absorb it all. What goodness you get from it.

It just doesn’t help if I have a wobbly day and it’s cold outside.  I’m sitting there feeling miserable and sit down to a mixed salad while the rest of the family is sitting down to a large pot of homemade vegetable soup. There have been days like that where I am eating mostly raw and still take a small portion of things like veggie soup because it smells good or I just fancy it.

I have a lovely salad to go with it. And maybe some of my homemade flax crackers.

I will still drink my juices and eat tasty snacks with raw cacao powder and ground nuts in them for the rest of the day.

The bottom line is that I don’t beat myself up for any of this. The only pressure arising in any of these situations is from myself and not from the outside world. So it’s important to go with what is.

There are days on end when I find that I have been almost completely raw and then there are odd days inbetween when I have an urge to eat something cooked. And that’s most often when it’s really cold outside I must admit. I know that food has a huge comfort factor and warm soup beckons me on freezing days.

But looking back I have come to see that I really almost crave some of my new eatables. That includes my fruit juices with ginger. Yum. And it also includes my homemade nummy treats, especially the balls I make with ground almonds and the raw cacao powder with different flavourings and maybe rolled in coconut. Delicious! And I adore shredding lovely beets, carrots, onions, cucumbers, etc with heaps of sprouts on top and putting seeds and oil on them along with some Himalayan salt and pepper. Now I could eat THAT until it’s coming out of my ears.

I’m sorry but you just can’t tempt me any more with big fat creamy cakes and chocolate biscuits. And pasta just has no effect on me whatsoever. In fact I have no difficulties watching anyone eat anything.

And that’s a really great space to be in.

I’d love to hear how you’re journey is going. Feel free to share in the box below and I’ll be sure to respond. Thanks.

Must dash now! Off to make myself some salad – got hungry with all this writing. :-)

2 thoughts on “Taking Things Easy with Raw Food

  1. Hi Fiona,

    Thanks for all of your videos and sharing that you do. I have viewed your videos regarding the Spiritual Boot Camp with Jericho Sunfire with some interest. I too went to his bootcamp, held in Glastonbury, in April. Of course I left the boot camp claiming I was ready to go fruits and salads and get on with my cleansing. Ha! What a joke! The first thing I did after the boot camp was visit friends on the Continent and eat, drink, dance, gamble, chase girls and all of the things I claimed I was ready to step away from.
    However, deep inside, I still heard that voice of intuition saying that this is not who I really want to be. I have made some progress in losing some weight, since the bootcamp, which represents accomplishment. But, I do find that I am encountering my mind games and all the creative ways my mind will rationalize going back to my old habits. The sad thing is that I know I can go full blown fruitarian and get my cleanse over with. I have done it before (albeit 30 years ago) but lost too much weight and talked too much resulting in my incarceration. I have used that experience as my excuse for 30 years now. And with 30 years of reconditioning and habit forming there is now a part of me that does not want to let go. I will overcome though.

    So, I did find your words on this site encouraging in that we are sharing that same experience in totally letting go of our old habits and limiting ways of life. No, we don’t have the same addictions but I was able to relate to what you wrote above.

    Take care and I hope to find time to consume more of your material at a later date.


    • Hi Randy – so glad you enjoyed the videos I shared of the bootcamp. And thanks for sharing here.

      I was just visiting a friend in Glastonbury today and bumped into someone who attended the bootcamp I went to. We both agreed that it’s important to not beat yourself up along the way and it’s not about getting full marks for sticking to raw regardless. I look in the mirror and see how things have changed since incorporating a lot of this into my diet. And most importantly I feel into what I want to eat in the moment.

      Nice to hear from you Randy and best of luck in whatever you do. :-)

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