DIY vanity

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so I’ve been getting a lot of people ask me about my vanity!! well ladies… was completely DIY.

  • The mirror*
    • IKEA
    • 40$
  • The lighting
    • i did this separate, its just a strip of lights that i glued around the rim of the mirror
    • the cool thing? it comes with a remote (adjustable brightness and color ranging from LED  lights, yellow lights to even red and pink lights)
    • buy at any home furnishing store
  • The table*
    • ikea
    • 180$
  • The chair *
    • okay are you ready for this one?? this is a yoga ball chair y’all. Its just a yoga ball in a furry zip up cover!! and it comes with a stand!
    • 80 bucks!$

im a go big or go home kind of person so i got obviously the most expensive stuff but you can really do a version of this look for under 200$. plus us women spend most of our time here so might as well!!!

*url to online store



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