Wholesome Chewy Chocolate Chunks are the Ideal Snack for Inbetween

Raw Chewy Chocolate Chunks

That’s a bit of a fun name, real cha-cha snacks. I was playing around recently with some ingredients as I wanted to make something that had real substance to it – you know, something to get your teeth into. So … Continue reading

Enjoying a Delicious Snack with Raw Chocolate of Course!

The best part - testing - yum!

It’s one of the easiest and quickest snacks to make. I’ve already shared the basic recipe for creating your own raw chocolate on this site. And the fun part is that I decide on the spot each time what I … Continue reading

How to Make Raw Chocolate with Heart – A Valentine’s Day Treat

Raw chocolate treats fionastolze rawfood

I promised so many of you that I would make a video showing how to make these yummy raw chocolate treats that I keep talking about. Well here it is, so if you watch this first, we can have a … Continue reading