About Me


my life is a movie……i kid you not. Im 23. And before you say “omg your so young,” i want to let you know that i promise you age is just a number. I could sit here and give you my bio, but i would rather just fill you in as we get to know each other, after all…..i told you my life is a movie except, the unpredictable kind. And with living an unpredictable, dramatic, i-can’t-believe-this-is happening-right-now type of life, I’ve learned lifes lessons the hard way.

nonbasic-basically heres the past couple years.

I went through nursing school right out of highschool as a college athlete with 6 am practices (workouts included), an hour later i was in class until 4/5pm. I would then change from scrubs and into my twin peaks uniform and bartend till 12 or 1 am. Go home, finish homework, do it all over again. Friday nights, sometimes saturday mornings, i would make a 3 hour drive to dallas to work in uptown from 8pm to 5am (obviously the money was worth it) Sundays either i would sleep all day, or try to hang out with my family if i didn’t have a paper to write or my clinical paperwork to finish. Sunday nights, i would drive back to okc (3 hours) and be at practice monday morning at 6am. I then had 6 weeks to finish 72 hours of clinical time that i ALSO had to fit into my schedule. 

Yet, with all that on my plate i managed to successfully complete college in 4.5 years with a BSN living on my own with my dog(who i am irrevocably attached to), won 3 NCA collegiate titles, maintained my shopping addiction, kept my best friend and my family close and came out with a smile on my face…..

Why a blog?

you’ve never met someone like me. bc i live my life my way. whether its bad or good i just always do things that make me happy. i never ever settle. i focus on me. and because of that people reacted, they want to know more about me.

So heres to a blog based off of me….but inspired by YOU.