Im going to remain anonymous because i want to relate to my audience without them creating an idea of me first.

I could sit here and give you my bio, but i would rather just fill you in as we get to know each other, after all… life is a movie except, the unpredictable kind. And with living an unpredictable, dramatic, i-can’t-believe-this-is happening-right-now type of life, I’ve learned lifes lessons the hard way..

….as we all have….im just going to take one for the team and express it on the worldwide web like an idiot

So who am i??

I went through college right out of highschool as a college athlete with 6 am practices (workouts included), an hour later i was in class until 4/5pm. I would then change from scrubs and into breastaurant uniform and bartend till 12 or 1 am. Go home, finish homework, do it all over again. Friday nights, sometimes saturday mornings, i would make a 3 hour drive to dallas to work from 8pm to 5am (obviously the money was worth it) Sundays either i would sleep all day, or try to hang out with my family if i didn’t have a paper to write or my clinical paperwork to finish. Sunday nights, i would drive back to my college town(3 hours) and be at practice monday morning at 6am. 

Yet, with all that on my plate i managed to successfully complete college in 4.5 years living on my own with my dog(who i am irrevocably attached to), won 3 collegiate titles, maintained my shopping addiction, kept my best friend and my family close and came out with a smile on my face…..

Why a blog?

I want to create a positive entity as someone you can turn to for answers.  Advice based off of like experiences consisting of The bad that ended up good,  the bad that ended up bad, the good that ended up bad and the good that ended up good.

So heres to a blog based off of my life….but inspired by those who are willing to read .