Hello. I’m Fiona Stolze.

On November 25th 2011 I changed over to the raw food lifestyle overnight. As simple as that! Not that this made it any easier. It was just the way I did it…the way life unfolded.

This site is a space where I am sharing with you the things I have found out along the way. I share some of my favourite meals and juices. I share some of my experimentations with raw chocolate.

And there will be videos, photos and blogposts documenting each of these.

Not as a suggested way of being. Simply a reflection of how my raw food lifestyle is.

There will be posts where I share my thoughts in the moment.

But at no point is this meant to be a ‘how to’ site, or is it even meant to be a ‘come on board and do it too’ site.

You are welcome to watch my process and ask me questions you have.

I am not a guru. I simply eat raw food and am happy about how healthy I am.

And if you’d like to know more about the other things I do, you can find some of my work here:

Inspired Art and Living (main site)

Silk & Art

Blog Talk Radio: ‘Sunday Soul Readings’ and ‘Fiona & Friends’

Email: info@fionastolze.com

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